Week 2 – for starters

Just reading Dave Cormier’s PLE vs LMS – disaggregate power not people  and i understand how the LMS can be put up in direct opposition to the single learner idea of the PLE hence the ‘institution bad, learner [on own] good’ model, and then the follow on’The problem with the PLE (when contrasted with the LMS) is that it can easily move the focus to THE LEARNER and not THE LEARNERS. In this way the move from LMS to PLE can be seen as a move from with people, to without people. We don’t learn much alone. We need to keep the focus of the discussion on the disaggregation of power, not the disaggregation of people.’ And that seems reasonable, but that sentence ‘we don’t  learn much alone’ is standing out for me and i’m wondering why i find that so odd. Because for me, it’s not completely true, yes i do learn much alone, i learn much from and with others, but i do actually learn alone too.  Mmm.  And then this comment from Jennifer Maddrell seems to reflect my thoughts exactly, http://davecormier.com/edblog/2010/09/19/ple-vs-lms-disaggregate-power-not-people/#comment-248656

Just logging the meaning making…


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